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Apparatus & Special constructions

In addition to pipes made of GRP, one of our core competencies also includes apparatus and custom-made products. In addition to planning / construction and calculation, this also includes production. We design and manufacture equipment or special constructions of all conceivable dimensions and geometries with or without a thermoplastic inliner.

Apparatus are used in process engineering systems, Kurotec-KTS has made a very good name for itself as a system supplier in chemical plant engineering. The apparatus and special constructions are designed and manufactured according to the procedural specifications of our customer. Here we rely on our in-house engineering department, which creates production drawings in 2D or 3D. The apparatus construction includes washers, separators, quenchers, droplet separator housings and special columns in GRP with and without thermoplastic inliner.

Special physical and chemical requirements for apparatus, containers and special constructions in all sizes and variations can also be implemented in GRP.

As a system solution, our apparatus, combined with our pipelines and customer-supplied items such as pumps, fittings, MSR technology, etc., are recognized worldwide.