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Pipe type B

The pipe type B is produced in accordance with DIN 16965 Part 2 with either UP or vinyl ester resins. The thermoplastic inliner can vary depending on the medium, application and temperature: PVC-U, PVC-C, Dekadur Plus, PVDF, PP, PE, ECTFE, PFA, MFA and FEP are possible here, the outer layer contains C fleece, a weather-resistant one Layer over 0.2mm thick. Depending on the type, in addition to an adhesive layer of 1mm as an adhesion promoter on the sanded liner, a glass lamination (depending on the material) as adhesion for the load-bearing laminate structure is required. The glass content in the load-bearing laminate is 60 (+/- 5)%, with rovings, mats and textile glass fabrics made of E-glass being used. A pure roving structure is not permitted here.

This type of pipe is preferred for highly reactive media or applications.