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Quality Management

Our quality assurance checks according to internationally recognized regulations and standards. We guarantee our customers a long service life, this is the product of our many years of experience in the GRP area, we are in a constant process of improvement and further development.

Our quality management system covers all areas, including the new and further development of products in cooperation with resin and glass suppliers.

  • Examination of the raw materials
  • Execution of tests with subsequent production release
  • Strength test on the finished products
  • Visual inspection and measurement controls on the finished products
  • Hydrostatic tests
  • Sound emission test
  • Ensuring the identification and traceability of the products
  • Customer specific requirements

Our test options in our in-house quality assurance laboratory include:


  • Tensile and bending test (DIN EN 14125)
  • Styrene measurement (DIN 53394)
  • Determination of glass content (DIN EN 1172)
  • Testing according to EN13121 for containers

Liner / GRP:

  • Adhesive shear strength (DIN EN 13121-3)
  • Ring shear strength (DIN EN 53769-A)
  • Peeling test (DIN EN 13121-3)
  • Front tensile test (DIN EN 53766 part 1)
  • Segment shear test (DIN EN 53769-B)